Where does dust come from?

The main sources of dust in your home

We dust our homes weekly, if not more often. But have you ever wondered where all the dust comes from? It seems like it magically appears all over your shelves, tables and floors and no matter how much and how often you vacuum and dust everything, in less than a few days, it is right back.
In this article we will take a closer look at what dust really is made of, which are the main sources of dust and household grime and how it spreads around your home.
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What prevents you from getting rid of old stuff and the “Limbo Box” Method.

Whenever it is time to get on with decluttering, you might find it hard to get rid of some things. It is hard for a lot of people to rid themselves of items they have owned for some time. It is understandable since people tend to develop sentimental attachment to objects. As soon as you start going through the stuff that has been cluttering your space, you begin hesitating about what to get rid of and what to keep. In this article we are going to talk about a few “rules” that keep you from getting rid of unnecessary items, as well as a special method that might help you get rid of whatever you feel like is too dear to throw away.

  • You spent good money on it. – It is a misconception that you should keep something just because you spent money on it. Yes, maybe in the past it was worth it for you and you really really wanted it but it has probably served its time already. Do not forget that you do not have to lose the money you once paid for it. You can sell it, give it to someone who would enjoy it or donate it. Do not let money stop you from getting rid of something that is taking up space, know it was worth it if you once enjoyed having it. If it is an expensive item in good condition but you do not use or need it, keep the good memories with it and give it up for donation.
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Green Cleaning. What is it and why should you start doing it?

There could be a lot of definitions of the term “green cleaning”. However, the main idea is to use cleaning methods that are environmentally friendly and free of toxins. Using regular commercial cleaning products can cause damage to our bodies, water, air and ecosystem. In general, moreand more people and cleaning companies nowadays realise that they should avoid exposure to chemicals and toxins. Green cleaning might mean using green cleaning products or leading a lifestyle that reduces consumption and waste.
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The 5 minutes a day cleaning method

Do you feel like you are too busy and you rarely have time to properly clean at home? A lot of people feel like that and it is understandable, considering the busy lives we all lead nowadays. What if we told you there is a simple trick that will help you do the most out of very little time. By spending a tiny amount of time every day, you will be able to complete a much bigger portion of your chores, compared to when you attempt to have a full deep cleaning day.
Spending a whole day cleaning is not the favourite option for most people. Also, how often do you postpone your cleaning day just because you have better things to do? Do not let your chores pile up by using this simple method. It is the 5 minute cleanup method. Here is what it really is:

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How do I find the best cleaning services near me?

With the growing need for cleaning services, the market becomes more and more competitive. With the cleaning industry rapidly growing, the number of contractors experiences an increase as well, and with that increase it becomes harder and harder to find a reliable one to trust with your house. After all, finding a good cleaning service could be a great investment and spare you not only time and effort but also money.

Once you find that reliable cleaning company you have been looking for, you may stick with them and continue using their services for years. Use these tips to select the best cleaning service near you.

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