Health issues with dirty carpets you can face

carpet cleaning benefitsThese days, it can be hard and challenging to decide what type of covering to have – for instance, the decision might be between hardwood and carpet. However, most people go for the carpets which is not a coincidence. Having a carpet definitely has a number of benefits. One of them is the fact that carpets have the power to give a space an entirely different, cosy feel. But, if not maintained properly, a dirty carpet can harm your health.

If you think that your carpet is clean and hygienic, you better think again. It may not be obvious to the naked eye, but carpets are home to tons of grime, bacteria, and allergens which are detrimental to one’s health and well-being.

Carpets that are not taken a proper care of on a regular basis can collect dust mites, pet dander, mould, fungi, dead skin cells, and many other contaminants deep-hidden in the fibres. I am going to share with you some of the most widespread health issues that your carpets can cause if they are not well taken care of.

Skin problems and irritations

A dirty carpet is a home to a plethora of living and non-living irritants that can cause rashes, itchiness or redness. Grime contaminants sometimes can attract cockroaches or even rats, and everybody knows that they carry detrimental diseases. Sometimes, asthma can manifest itself as rashes which appear on the skin. In short, to protect your health, you need to make sure that you carpets are deep cleaned on a regular basis.

Respiratory problems

Grime, pet dander and dead skin cells collect deep in the carpet and play as food for many dust mites, microbes and other microorganisms. When these organisms grow, they may become the reason for a number of respiratory problems. Some of these problems may be various allergies, coughs and runny noses. You may not know it, but dirty carpets can trigger and aggravate asthma. When exposed to these detrimental organisms and mycotoxins, hypersensitivity and neurotoxicity may develop.

When allergens or bacteria are inhaled, flu-like symptoms can be felt. Dirty carpets are the ideal breeding ground for bacteria, fungi and dust mites. All of these can cause eye or nose irritation.

Athlete’s foot

issues related with carpetFor those who have never heard of this health issue, athlete’s foot is a common skin infection of the feet. It is caused by fungus and the symptoms include flaking, itching and scaling. When you walk barefoot on the carpet, bacteria can come in contact with your foot through diminutive cuts on your skin. Hence, rashes and fungi may grow which will eventually lead to ultimate sensitivity.


In some people who suffer from various allergies, contaminants build-up in dusty and dirty carpets such as mould, pet dander or soil can make these allergies blaze up all over again. Some of these allergic reactions may lead to itching, sneezing or even malaise.


Studies have indicated that those people who live in an unhygienic environment are more stressed. Even though there is no direct harm, stress can weak one’s immune system which will respectively make her or him an easy target for a range of diseases. If a person is chronically stressed, the risk of suffering a stroke or a heart attack is even higher.

Gastro-intestinal infections

Kids will be kids. It is in their nature to be curious which is why they tend to pick various things off the ground and then put them instinctively in their mouths. Unfortunately, this act of unawareness can help bacteria and fungi reach the alimentary canal which can causes a number of infections and issues.

How to take proper care of your carpets

Because carpets can cause so many health issues, it is of a great importance to have them professionally and properly cleaned every once in a while. In the best case scenario, you ought to hoover the carpets at least once per every week depending on how much traffic they receive. However, if your carpet endures a lot of traffic, you might have to clean it more often. If you do have enough spare time, you should consider daily vacuuming.

Often, vacuuming alone is not enough to eradicate all those detrimental contaminants that are deep-seated in the base of the carpet. It is why some leading carpet manufacturers recommend to have your carpets cleaned by professionals at least once per every six months. The hot water extraction method is thought to be the worst enemy of dust mites, allergens, bacteria, germs and other impurities.

As you can see, carpets are not only about making your home or office cosier or more presentable, carpets also have huge impact on your health. If you decide to have carpets, you need to be aware of the health risks they bring and you need to learn how to take proper care of them if you want them to serve you well for a longer period of time.