How to clean a sheepskin rug?

faux sheepskin rug
Many people have sheepskin rugs at home nowadays. They are beautiful, soft, and fluffy, and give a cosy, somewhat fancy feeling. However, like with every rug, natural sheepskin ones need regular cleaning. The cleaning of a real sheepskin rug is not a complicated process. However, there are some special steps you need to take in order to keep its fibres clean, soft, and beautiful.

In this article, we will share the best method you can use to keep your sheepskin rugs in good condition. Also, we will talk about cleaning faux sheepskin rugs. Nowadays a lot of people turn to vegan and animal cruelty-free alternatives to food, clothing, and home decorations. Keep reading to find out what the best cleaning method is.

Extra tip: If you have a deeply soiled faux sheepskin rug and you are not sure you can cope with cleaning it, you can always take advantage of professional carpet cleaning.

1. Give it a shake and a thorough brushing – Shake your rug (best done outside) will remove any soil, dust, and particles, and restore the natural fluff of the fibres. Use a wire wool comb or a dog brush in order to restore the order of the fibres and prevent them from becoming matted.
2. Vacuum the rug thoroughly – Vacuuming will work wonders on larger rugs. It will help you remove soil that is stuck deep into the rub fibres.
3. Spot treat as soon as possible – Whenever a spill or stain occurs, remove the solids immediately using a spatula or a dull knife. Blot away any liquids and moisture residue from the surface of the rug.
For oily stains: Sprinkle the area with cornstarch to absorb the oil. Let the cornstarch sit on the rug for several hours, then brush it away or use your vacuum cleaner. Repeat if there is some oil residue left on your rug.
For food or mud stains: Mix a solution of wool wash and arm water (use the instructions on the product label to avoid any kind of damage). Dip a clean white cloth in the cleaning solution and start blotting the stain. Move to a clean area of the cloth as the grime transfers to it. Make sure not to saturate the rug. When the stain is gone, use a white cloth dipped in plain water to rinse the solution residue. Let the rug air dry, then brush its fibres to restore them.
4. Use baking soda to get rid of unpleasant odours – If your rug has developed a weird, foul smell, sprinkle the whole area with baking soda. Use a comb or your hands to work it deeper into its fibres. Allow the baking soda to sit on the rug for a few hours (overnight, if possible). Vacuum the baking soda and comb the rug to restore its fluffiness.
5. Always check the care label of the fabric – Some smaller rugs can be washed in the laundry machine. Many dyed rugs, however, need to be dry-cleaned only. That way you will prevent fading. If using the washing machine, use a wool cycle with cold water. Keep in mind that the best method is handwashing.
6. Use the correct product – If the whole rug needs washing, make sure you are using a product that is suitable for natural wool fibres. Many cleaning products can damage the fibres of the rug permanently. Always follow the instructions and test the product on a small, hidden area of the rug to prevent damage. In a large tub, mix the wool cleaner with lukewarm water.
7. Submerge the rug – Submerge the entire rug in the soapy solution. Squeeze the mixture through the rug. Keep doing that for about 10-15 minutes.
8. Rinse and dry the rug –  Fill the tub with clean cool water. Squeeze the fresh water through the fibres, drain the tub and repeat until the soapy residue is completely gone. When you are done rinsing, squeeze out most of the moisture from the rug. Do not twist or wring it. Use dry heavy towels to absorb moisture from the area of the rug. Allow it to air dry, never put sheepskin rugs in the dryer and never brush their fibres while they are still wet.

How to clean faux sheepskin rugs
You can handwash the faux sheepskin rugs using the same method as the natural ones. The difference is that you can use mild laundry detergent. Always allow the rugs to air dry and never put them in the dryer. Excessive heat may damage or melt the synthetic fibres of the faux fur rug. In order to brush through the fibres easily, mix 1 teaspoon of hair conditioner and 2 cups of warm water. Put this solution in a spray bottle and spritz the rug in small areas. Use a soft-bristled brush to restore the neat condition of the fibres. When finished, wipe the entire area of the rug with a cloth dipped in plain water, then let it air dry.

If the area of the rug has high traffic, make sure to regularly brush its fibres. Do not allow them to become matted and soiled. Regular brushing and vacuuming will prevent dirt and grime from building up and will help you maintain your rugs cleaner for longer.