Crazy cleaning hacks that actually work

We have all read cleaning hacks and tips on the internet or in magazines. However, how often do these actually work? If you have ever tried any, you might have ended up disappointed because, in fact, most of them do not work. We would like to share some cleaning tips that may seem strange but will work for sure. They will help you reduce the number of commercial products that you use at home.
Even though well-marketed cleaning products seem promising, in a lot of cases, nature already has a solution that will be as efficient and much more eco-friendly. Keep reading to find out what the cleaning tips, tested by professional cleaners that will help you clean and save money are.

Coffee filters for cleaning mirrors/windows
Windows and glass surfaces become dirty and cloudy over time. If when this happens you grab some paper towels and a commercial glass cleaner, stop doing that right now. This method works, but the paper towels often leave bits behind, which causes your glass to look streaky and covered in spots. Next time you want to shine up your windows, reach for some clean coffee filters. They will not fall apart and will help you make all your glass surfaces streak-free and spotless.

Baby wipes for cleaning chalkboards
Chalkboards are no longer only found in classrooms. In fact, many people have them as decoration in their homes, sometimes for practical purposes as well. When it is time to clean them, we usually use the designated cleaning sponge or cloth. However, those will leave a lot of chalk dust that will stick to their surface, as well as go all over your floors. To get a truly clean chalkboard and no residue all over your whole place, use a baby wipe that will ensure a streak-free surface.

Hair spray to clean dry-erase boards
On the same note, dry-erase boards are an alternative to classical chalkboards. If you have those at home, you probably know how hard they can be to clean. That is, especially if you left writing on them for a while and particular spots are nearly impossible to remove. If you end up with a stubborn stain on your dry-erase board, just use some hairspray on it. Then wipe the stain away and clean your whole board with soap and water to get rid of sticky residue.

Vodka for cleaning old camping gear
Vodka can be a nice treat at the end of a long working day. However, it is also a powerful cleaning agent that can help you deal with smelly camping equipment, for example. If you want to freshen some of your old outdoor accessories, all you have to do is spray them with a bit of vodka. Pour it into a spray bottle and if you want to add extra freshness, add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to create the perfect cleaning cocktail.

Dryer sheets to clean stubborn stuck-on food
It is never pleasant to scrub stubborn burnt-on food from a pot or a pan. If it is heavily burned, it may seem impossible to get rid of it by only using a scrubber and some soap. To make things easier, fill the pot with soap and water and place a dryer sheet inside of it. Let the sheet stay in the soapy water for an hour, remove it and we guarantee that you will be surprised by how easy it is to get rid of the grime after that.

Baby powder and dish soap for oily stains
Oily stains are usually tough to remove and will remain on your clothing no matter how many times you wash them. Instead of attempting to wash those oily stains from fabrics multiple times using a lot of detergents and excessively hot water, try this tip instead. Mix equal parts of baby powder and dish soap, and apply the paste all over the stained area. The baby powder will soak up the oils in the stain, and the degreasing agents in the dish soap will help completely dissolve them and remove them from your garment.

Mayonnaise to clean porcelain tubs and sinks
Mayonnaise is a great ingredient to use on your turkey sandwich or salad dressing. However, it can also be an extremely helpful and efficient cleaning tool. It is perfect for removing rust stains and other grime from porcelain tubs or sinks. Simply dab a bit of mayo on the stain, let it sit for about 20 minutes, then wipe it away to reveal the spotless clean surface underneath,

Vegetable oil for cleaning wooden floors
While vegetable oil is usually used for frying or dressing salads, it can also be used as a wooden floor cleaning agent. If your floors are looking dull and spotty, bring back their shine by combining equal parts of vegetable oil and vinegar in a spray bottle. Spritz the solution all over the surface of the floor and wipe it away with a mop. The vinegar will dissolve any dirt and grime, while the oil will polish and seal your floors, giving them a beautiful shine.