Crazy cleaning hacks that actually work pt.2

If you have been researching cleaning tips and tricks on the internet or in magazines, you probably already realised that most of them do not work. Even though a lot of them sound very promising, it is rare that they actually work as promised. Instead of spending hours trying random hacks, or using a lot of commercial products in order to get rid of common stains and grime that can be found at home, keep reading to find out the tips we picked out for you that certainly work.

Windshield water repellent for glass shower doors

You can protect your car’s windshield from rainwater buildup by using water-repellent products. Well, the same goes for your glass shower doors. Whenever there is visible hard water staining and buildup, your whole bathroom will look dull and unkempt. Protecting your glass from mineral deposits is as easy as spraying the surface with windshield water repellent spray and wiping it down. The coating that this product will create will not allow any hard water to leave a visible residue on your shower doors.

Mayonnaise for cleaning cloudy wood stains

Whenever you get cloudy stains or rings from cups, water, or heat, you will notice that your wooden furniture piece is no longer looking as nice and beautiful. To easily get rid of them, and restore the nice shine of your wood, slather some mayonnaise on the stained area and let it sit overnight. Yes, it may sound strange, but this product will help brighten up your wood surface and get rid of those annoying stains. Wipe the mayonnaise away, buff the spot and you will notice the rings and spots are gone. Shine up the surface with some furniture polish.

Mouthwash for your washing machine
Sometimes, the washing machine that cleans our clothes can get grimy and smelly as well. If you took a load of laundry out of your washing machine that smells less than fresh, you may need to do something about the musty smell in your appliance. All you have to do is run a cycle with mouthwash. Do not put any clothes in the washing machine, pour some mouthwash into the detergent dispenser and run a regular cycle. This liquid will make your whole appliance smell fresh and also kill the bacteria that cause the strange odour.

Cornstarch for tarnished silver
Cornstarch is usually used for cooking. However, it can also be a useful cleaning ingredient that can help you get rid of a number of stains and grime. Mix cornstarch and water into a paste and apply it to tarnished silver. Make sure you cover the whole surface of the silver items you are treating. Let the paste dry completely and wipe it off to reveal the shiny silver underneath.

Sunscreen for cleaning permanent marker
Sunscreen is an important part of the skincare you should be doing in order to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. An interesting fact is that it can also protect your furniture, clothes, and other surfaces from a red permanent marker. Even though they seem to be impossible to remove, you can rub some sunscreen on the stained area and easily get rid of the permanent ink stain.

Use lemon to get rid of bad odours
Smells can build up in sinks and rubbish bins over time. That happens more often in kitchens where food leftovers, peels, etc., are thrown down the kitchen sink drain or in the bin. Whenever those occur, you will notice that the smell will find its way to all areas of your kitchen. To get rid of it, try to wash fewer food particles down your drain and take your rubbish bin out daily. The tip we will share with you will help you freshen up the waste bin and drain in your kitchen without using bleach or strong chemicals. Place some lemon slices at the bottom of your freshly washed rubbish bin. You can also place some lemon peels on your drain (big enough that they do not go down).
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Use bread to pick up broken glass pieces
If you are clumsy and drop things often, especially glasses or plates, you are probably used to picking up broken glass. However, you should always make sure you collect all the small parts, especially from the floor in your home, in order to prevent anyone from getting hurt. You can sweep and vacuum the surface, but there might be some microscopic pieces that are still left behind. To get rid of those, grab a slice of bread and press it down to the area where the glass shattered. The spongy surface will easily lift and remove even the tiniest glass pieces. That way you can rest assured that no one will accidentally step on broken glass.