How to fake a clean house?

Everyone wants to live in a neat, tidy, and clean house. However, sometimes there just isn’t enough time and energy to thoroughly clean the whole property. However, the longer you put off these chores, the harder it will be to do them and actually clean the accumulated dirt and grime. We will share some tips and tricks with you. You can put them to work next time you want to make your house look and feel cleaner and tidier but are lacking time or energy. Make sure you don’t forget to actually clean later.

  1. Invite space – Stop filling your foyer with shoes, lots of jackets, umbrellas, etc. Instead, keep all things in woven baskets, for example, stored behind the front door. Get rid of all the clutter and enjoy a cleaner, tidier-looking space. It will also be easier to dust the surfaces there once they are free of items and clutter.
  2. Keep a basket around – Designate a basket for the items that somehow ended up where they do not belong. If you have books and supplies around the house and do not have the time to tidy them up, simply throw them in the basket and return them to their designated places later.
  3. Instant style – For the mess around your living room couch, use a woven basket nearby. Keep all books and other items that usually clutter the area in it. They will be nearby when you need them and make the whole area look neater.
  4. Fluff things up – For an instant fix, quickly fluff up your throw pillows, and flip them around to reveal their good side in case they have stains. Arrange them neatly and your whole sofa will look like new.
  5. Microfiber – Microfiber cloths will work wonders when it comes to dusting any type of surface, as well as cleaning glass and mirrors. They are reusable, easy to use, and will quickly collect dust from your TV, coffee table and living room shelf to make everything look neat and untouched.
  6. Disappearing dishes – If you have a sink full of dirty dishes, give them a quick bath in hot soapy water before loading them in the dishwasher. Quickly wipe your countertops and sink to achieve a pristine look.
  7. Vanity sanity – To achieve a cleaner look for your bathroom, store your toiletries and tools in baskets or bathroom holders. Keep your towels in a roll for a neat, spa feeling.
  8. Workspace fix – When you are working from home, your office space may become overwhelming. If you struggle with a lot of clutter and grime around but do not have time for cleaning, simply put things away in stationary containers stored under your desk, for example.
  9. Keep toys at bay – If you are constantly dealing with toys and board games all over the room, give the area a quick fix by putting all smaller items in a large basket, and piling up all books and board games in a corner.
  10. A quick sweep – Sweep and do not mop. Have a broom and a dustpan nearby for when you need a quick area fix of the floor in any of your rooms. Spare yourself the time and effort of taking your vacuum cleaner, filling buckets with cleaning solutions, etc.
  11. Aromatic paradise – Keep all stale house odours at bay by lighting aromatic candles in your favourite scent. Keep it natural and go for biodegradable, naturally scented candles.
  12. Glass and mirrors – Clean windows make a place look brighter and cleaner in an instant. Grab a window cleaning product and a soft microfiber cloth and give them a quick wipe. You will notice a drastic difference in the appearance of your whole place.
  13. Draw the curtain – If you have a large number of shampoo bottles, soaps, bath toys, and other items all over your shower, simply keep them there and keep the curtain closed. If your guests won’t be using the shower, they will never know.
  14. Fresh towels – Make your bathroom look cleaner and give it that nice spa feeling by replacing old, dull bath and hand towels with new, fresh and fluffy ones. While you are at it, replace the nearly used toilet paper roll with a full one.
  15. Lines – Arranging items in a linear layout will give a symmetrical feel to any area. Straighten out your books, magazines, and newspapers. Return your remote controls on the coffee table and make sure everything is nicely stored.
  16. Fold the mess away – If you spent a night on your couch, watching movies and snacking, you will probably end up with a messy sofa covered in comforters and blankets. Instead of leaving them there, fold them and place them in a corner.
  17. Shake it off – If you have rugs, whether they are at your front door, bathroom, kitchen, or toilet, you will end up having noticeable dirt and particles all over them. To quickly fix that, take them outside and give them a good shake. By removing large debris and the majority of the dust from them, your whole place will look cleaner instantly.