Cleaning myths that you should get out of your head

When it comes to cleaning, some people like to follow old school advice, or trust common myths they already know. However, times have changed, technology has as well, and there are some common cleaning myths you should stop believing.
Keep reading to find out what the worst cleaning myths are and make sure to avoid them in the future.

Bleach is the best for cleaning
Most people associate bleach and its smell with ultimate cleanliness. However, even though bleach is a powerful disinfectant, it does not clean at all. It will kill germs and remove stains but it will not get rid of dirt and grime. That is why you should not use this product to clean. Whenever your shirt needs whitening, or you want to kill all the bacteria and microbes from your sink, bleach is your go to but do not expect it to clean any surfaces.

Newspapers will give you streak-free glass
You have certainly seen your grandma use newspapers to clean the windows. While this myth was actually true back in the day, it is no longer suitable to use. The reason for that is the paper and ink newspapers are made of. Some years ago, newspapers were made of thicker paper that did indeed leave windows streak-free. However, nowadays the paper used instead is thin and easily dissolves when wet. That will leave paper bits and streaks all over your windows. It is best to use rubbing alcohol and a microfiber cloth.

Extra tip: It is best to get professional assistance if cleaning your wildows requires difficult to access.

You should polish your wood weekly
While some older wood furniture needs to be polished, most pieces sold on the market nowadays do not need that much polishing. If you continue waxing and polishing them too often, the excess product will build up and make your furniture look dull and unclean. If you want to get rid of dust or grime, grab a damp cloth and wipe your furniture down.

Vinegar cleans everything
While vinegar is an amazing multi-purpose ingredient that can be used for a number of cleaning tasks. However, it will not be able to clean absolutely everything you own. There are so many cleaning jobs that are perfect for vinegar. However, it should not be used on certain surfaces and finishes. Vinegar may cause damage to hardwood, natural stone, marble, and wax floorings.

Hairspray removes stains
This myth is similar to the newspaper one. Hairspray formula has changed over the years and while the alcohol-free version we use today is better for your hair, it will not help with the cleaning of stains. If you spill wine, ink, or anything else that needs immediate action, it is best to use an actual stain remover. If you don’t have one around, you can use a homemade solution such as vinegar or hydrogen peroxide.

You should wash all your clothes in cold water
To properly clean your clothes you should do a bit more than simply tossing them in the washing machine and pressing the ‘’start’’ button. Most people are not absolutely sure on how to separate clothes and wash them in the suitable fabric and colour temperature and cycle. While many choose to simply wash everything with cold water, this is often not sufficient. Generally, most clothes can be washed in cold water, however, some garments like underwear and whites should be washed in hot water at all times.

Strong cleaning solutions work instantly
If you choose to use a commercial cleaning solution, don’t expect it to work instantly. As with many things, patience is the key to success. If you want the product to properly work and clean the area you are about to use it on, it is best to apply it and let it work for a while. For example, if you are about to clean your toilet bowl, apply the cleaning product first, then tackle another task in the bathroom while the cleaning solution dissolves grime and dirt.

Feather dusters will help you get rid of all dust
Feather dusters are soft and fluffy, but contrary to their name, they don’t do much dusting. Most of the time, they just scatter the dust everywhere. When attempting to remove dust, use a vacuum with a nozzle attachment or a soft damp cloth. More than 90% of household dust is made up of small skin flakes and barely visible clothing fibers that float on the slightest air current and settle on every surface in your home.

Good scents mean cleanliness
Don’t be fooled by the clean scent of anything. If a product is labeled as “clean spring air” or “fresh laundry”, it will achieve the scent but will not certainly clean everything properly. That goes for air fresheners especially. They will help you scent your home’s air, however, they will not even freshen the room. They are not able to kill grime and germs, or remove allergens or dust. While using an air freshener will be sufficient if you are expecting guests and quickly want to make your house appear cleaner, you should not constantly use it instead of actual cleaning.