Amazing uses for rubbing alcohol around the house

Rubbing alcohol can be found in pretty much every household. It is one of the best, most versatile cleaning products you can use at home. The best part is that it is cheap, available, and relatively safe for human health. In this article, we will talk about the many amazing uses of rubbing alcohol. Whether you want to use it for cleaning, disinfection or another purpose, you will be pleasantly surprised so keep reading.

Cleaning bathroom fixtures with rubbing alcohol
This product is perfect for cleaning chrome faucets and taps. it will quickly clean and disinfect your bathroom and kitchen fixtures without leaving a trace thanks to the fact that it evaporates so quickly. To properly clean your faucets, pour some rubbing alcohol directly onto a soft cloth and wipe them clean. You don’t need to rinse or dry them after.

Remove hairspray from mirrors

If you were in a hurry while getting ready, some hair spray probably ended up all over your mirror. While this can be a hassle to clean, rubbing alcohol will help you get rid of the traces immediately. A quick wipe-down with a cloth and some rubbing alcohol will not only remove all hair spray residue but also leave your mirror spotless and sparking. You can use rubbing alcohol to clean all your glass surfaces and windows.

Keep your windows from frosting in the winter

If your windows frost during the cold winter months, rubbing alcohol will help you put an end to it. Not only will this product help you with window deep cleaning but prevent them from freezing. Make a solution of 1⁄2 cup of rubbing alcohol and one litre of water. Wash the windows with this mixture – it will prevent them from frosting and will make them shine.

Cleaning and disinfecting the screens of your electronics
Cleaning your phone, laptop, and smart TV is simple with rubbing alcohol. Whether it’s just dust or natural oils from fingers stuck to the keyboard, rubbing alcohol cleans them all. It’s especially suitable for this duty because alcohol evaporates fast, lowering the chance of causing damage to the electronics.

Cleaning marker stains
If you have a toddler in the house, marker stains on your countertop or walls must be a common occurrence. If your floors and countertops are made of materials such as laminate or marble, you are in luck. Rubbing alcohol will dissolve the marker stains and help you with the cleaning of all your surfaces. Once you apply it to the stained area, the rubbing alcohol will turn the markers back into a liquid and all you have to do is wipe the mess away,

Ticks removal
Ticks love the taste of your dog but despise the flavour of rubbing alcohol. Before removing a tick from your furry friend, dab the creature with rubbing alcohol to weaken its grip. Then, grab the tick as near to the dog’s skin as possible and pull it out. To disinfect the wound, dab it with alcohol once more. This also works on people!

Make an ice pack that will take the shape of the hurting area
Ice packs will not adhere to the shape of the wounded body part. In a sealable plastic bag, combine one part rubbing alcohol and three parts water to make a slushy, comforting ice pack. When your injured knee flares up again, wrap the bag of slush in a cloth and apply it to the affected area.

Make your new shoes fit
If your new leather shoes are pinching your feet, try swabbing the tight area with a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol. It won’t always work, but it’s worth a shot. Walk around for a few minutes in the shoes to check if they expand enough to be comfortable.

Keep your car door locks working
Another wonderful rubbing alcohol application is for car doors and locks. If you’re not prepared for the winter months, this trick will save you a lot of hassle.” Spray the insulation of your car doors and locks with rubbing alcohol the evening before you expect inclement weather, and it will help keep your vehicle from freezing over.

Refresh your sport shoes
If you are active on a daily basis, your shoes will require a good cleaning quite often. To properly clean your tennis shoes, and prevent them from smelling, pour some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball or a baby wipe and clean off all mud and grime from your trainers.

Sanitise your child’s toys
Wiping down your toddler’s toys with rubbing alcohol is a simple and safe way to sanitise them. Not only does rubbing alcohol destroy bacteria, but it is also a safer alternative to harsh, full of toxic chemicals cleaning products.