End of Tenancy Cleaning

end-of-tenancy-cityWhen the time comes to move out from their rented property, many tenants face one and the same dreadful task – the end of tenancy cleaning. And whether they receive their deposit money back depends on whether they perform that cleaning accordingly.

Usually, end of tenancy cleaning is responsibility of the outgoing tenant and in return for doing it, tenants get a full refund on their deposit money. However, this type of cleaning has many specifics and if tenants do not comply with them 100 percent, they may have to leave without receiving the full refund on their money.

Well, first of all, what is required of tenants is determined by the wishes of the landlord or letting agent. If the tenant fails to conform to the demands and wishes of their landlord, they are unlikely to do move out with a full refund on their deposit money in hand.

Why is end of tenancy cleaning so difficult to perform?

In contrast, we at City Cleaners London have spent enough time working hand in hand with leading letting agents in London. This has taught our professionals how to clean according to the accepted standards. Choose us to do the end of tenancy cleaning in your property and you will undoubtedly receive a full refund on your deposit money.

Leave the end of tenancy cleaning in our hands. We are City Cleaners London and we have the experience and cleaning products necessary for a mind-blowing end of tenancy cleaning. We guarantee outstanding results. Our end of tenancy cleaning service is guaranteed and can be delivered to your property throughout the week and also on bank holidays as well.

City Cleaners London guarantees for the service for 48 hours after completion. And when it comes to professional end of tenancy cleaning, no one is as good as we are. City Cleaners London are not interested in who owns the property which our technicians will clean – all that matters for is our clients’ satisfaction. Choose us to clean your rented or rental property and we will make you happy, guaranteed.

By booking City Cleaners London, the Customer receives:

  • 48 hours guarantee
  • Cleaning done with professional cleaning machines
  • Thorough cleaning of every room of their rented or rental property
  • A team of professional technicians who will sanitize every room within the premise

Book our professional end of tenancy cleaning company. We have more than 3 years of experience in the field of end of tenancy cleaning and we have spent time working hand in hand with leading real estate agents.

Studio flat from £79
One Bedroom Property from £113
Two Bedroom Property from £145
Three Bedroom Property from £167

What is more, each member of our team has completed a professional training program where they were taught special stain-eliminating techniques and other valuable tips which today helps them to perform the bes end of tenancy cleaning services in all London.

Choose our end of tenancy cleaning services because we will save you time, effort, and money. With us, moving out and preparing a property for tenants is as easy as pie. Our cleaning company is the best in London because:

  • We guarantee for the service for 48 hours
  • We have a friendly customer support team
  • We promise to get you a full refund on your deposit money
  • We are working with non-toxic environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • We are ready to customize our cleaning service to suit your exclusive needs

Actually, whether you need your home professionally cleaned or it is enough to simply vacuum and dust it yourself depends on the demands of your landlord. That is why it is essential to ask your landlord for specific requirements before indulging in the end of tenancy cleaning – there is no need to pay professionals if you can do the job yourself.

Of course, if your landlord expects to find their property immaculately clean and ready for new tenants immediately after your move-out, it is wiser to rely on our professional assistance. Our assistants will save you time and effort, and they will make your property as clean as your landlord wants it to be. Choose our services today and we will prepare your rented or rental property for incoming tenants quickly.


What’s with the guarantee?

  • If, upon inspection, our inspecting specialist finds something wrong with the way we have delivered the service, we will send a team of professionals back to your property for a re-cleaning session in a matter of 48 hours.

    The Customer is not charged for the re-cleaning session, but we demand that they are within the property when the cleaning session is over in order to inspect the way our technicians have completed the job and say if a re-cleaning session must be applied again.

Are your services limited in time?

  • No, our end of tenancy cleaning services are not limited in time.

Can I book your services on weekends or bank holidays?

  • Absolutely! Our professional cleaning company works throughout the week and also on bank holidays as well.