Cleaning your dorm room and keeping it that way

It is well known that dormitories are not the cleanest places and neither are the students living in them. The combination of many young people living together in one place promises nothing but mess and occasional dirt and grime. Not to forget that dorm rooms are usually tiny and even though that means there is less space to be cleaned, it also means the room will get dirty quicker.
Regularly cleaning your room and living in a tidy, neat space can improve your physical and mental health, and even your schedule. If you just moved to a dorm room, you may be surprised to see how quickly the place can get dirty and messy, especially if you share it with a roommate. The sad truth, however, is that the longer you wait, the harder it will be to clean up. It is a lot better to create a regular cleaning schedule (and make sure you follow it).

In this article, we will show you how to instantly make your room look tidier, and how often should all the chores be tackled.

How to fix your messy room
Once you start studying, sleeping, and eating in the same room, things can get wild. If all of a sudden you notice that your dorm room is full of clothes, books, papers, and who knows what else, here is what to do to quickly restore it back to its neat state.

Make the bed
Make sure your bed is always made. It will instantly make your room look neater and cleaner (even if it actually isn’t). If you have a habit of throwing your clothes and other things on the bed, or if you constantly hang out on your bed, make sure you get a cover for it so that you keep your sheets clean for longer. Avoid piling up clothes on it.

Sort and put your clothes away
If you have a hard time choosing your outfit for the day, it is very likely that your room will be covered in random clothes thrown around in piles, on the floor, or on the bed. Do not allow those to sit for a long time. Look through each pile, fold the clean clothes, and put them away. The ones that don’t look or smell so fresh – throw in the laundry basket.

Do laundry
Do not forget to regularly wash your clothes and sheets. It will not only prevent the dirty clothes piles from growing and spreading but also keep your dorm room fresh smelling and clean. Wash your sheets every week and do not allow your laundry basket to overflow.

Sort your desk and papers
Keep your desk clean and organised. Do not let your papers and notes pile up. Keep them in a drawer or a folder instead. Have a special tray for your supplies and regularly declutter the top and the drawers. Empty your bin and do not allow it to fill up. Set up a filing system for your classwork and label each one to not get them confused.

Wash your dishes
A couple of dirty dishes in a small room can create a disaster. Not only can they make the whole space look untidy, but also create unpleasant odours and develop mould and mildew growth. Make sure you wash your dishes as soon as you are finished with your meal and do not leave them sitting around on your table/desk/countertops.

Take care of the surfaces

Regularly dust all your cupboards, desk, table, etc. Do not forget to remove everything from your desk and give it a good wipe. Do the same with your kitchen countertop and do not forget your refrigerator, and other appliances. Grab a broom or a duster with a long handle and make sure you reach all the high surfaces.

Clean your bathroom
Some dormitories have shared bathrooms that are usually cleaned by the building maintenance staff. However, if you have a private bathroom, you are the one who should be cleaning and maintaining it. Do a deep cleaning once a month – wash and scrub the walls, wash your shower curtain, dust and wipe your cupboards and wash and clean all your windows and glass surfaces.

  1. Once a day:
    • Make your bed
    • Remove clutter from the floor
    • Wash dishes and put them away
  2. Once a week:
    • Mop, vacuum and clean your floor
    • Dust all surfaces
    • Do your laundry
    • Take out your trash
  3. Once a month:
    • Declutter your fridge and clean its inside
    • Clean your bathroom
    • Organise your desk and papers

Do not forget to thoroughly clean your room before you move in and after you move out. Do not leave this job for the dorm maintenance team. Make sure you remove all your belongings, dust and wipe down all surfaces and do not leave any rubbish behind. Before you move in, make sure you disinfect all door knobs, handles, light switches, and sink taps.