Deep Cleaning

deep-city-cleanersCityCleaners London is cleaning agency with experience in providing deep cleaning services in London. Contact us and get a free instant quote. If you are in need of deep cleaning services, then there is only one thing you can do – give us a call. We represent professional deep cleaning agency that has thousands of happy customers. As a matter of fact, we want you to join our family of happy customers and be more than happy with the decision you have taken. In order to make up your mind we have designed a special cleaning schedule that our employees have been keeping up.

Hourly Based Services
Deep Cleaning from £15 £14/h
One Off Cleaning from £15 £13/h
Domestic Cleaning from £13 £12/h

In that way we are always sure that nothing can be missed and you will get the maximum for your money. Many people believe that they do not have to spend money for services, especially when those services are cleaning. Well, we want to prove you wrong and show you that if you book us and let us come and clean your place on regular basis you will not have any problems with future references simply because we know how to make things right.

Our extensive procedures in the area of deep cleaning has always been enough to meet the needs of even the most pretentious landlords and people out there. And during our experience we have been able to handle lots of people and their cleaning needs and thus we are more than confident that every single action of ours is made in the best way possible.

Once you give us a call you will be able to speak to our office assistants that will give you detailed information regarding our cleaning services. Here is what our basic deep cleaning package includes:

  • Thorough cleaning of the whole house
  • Degreasing and polishing household appliances
  • Carpet vacuuming
  • Hand-washing the floor
  • We can use deodorizer, if needed

Keep in mind that those are just our basic services and if you think they are not enough to meet your needs, then you can tell this to our office operatives and they will offer you some of our other packages including different and additional services that will most probably suit your requirements.